Web development and design

Web programming and design are my areas of expertise. I design and code websites for the Internet and intranets.

At Jeremy's Web Development and Design, I specialize in using a variety of programming languages to design and create websites.

Web software and applications that I develop and maintain include planning, designing, writing, integrating, and testing website-related code.

For websites and web applications, I perform quality and security checks.

In addition to creating mobile-ready websites, I create responsive websites that work on all devices.

User Interface to User Experience Design. I can help you create an easy-to-navigate web interface to attract and retain customers.

Full Stack end to end web development from visually appealing websites to processing the core functions of a website including forms and specialized applications.

Back-end Developer: data, storage, and server side applicatons.

Coding for back-end systems is my specialty.

Development of proprietary software

The software and website applications that I code are compliant with web standards.

Brands and proprietary software are never static. Jeremy's Web Development and Design collaborates with you to meet changing times, trends, and customer needs.

Search Engine Optimization

Increase your website traffic with Jeremy's Web Development and Design.

Your website will be indexed in top search engines, including Google and Bing.

Services to help your website get found on the internet.

Content Management Systems

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla.

Web hosting

Connecting you to web hosting services.

Specialty services

Database and large data management

E-commerce. Selling online

Cyber Security Management

Web design